The Clinic

TEETH @ Tiong Bahru is a CHAS Certified and Medisave Accredited family dental clinic, which strives to offer you the highest quality care.

Your oral health and those of your loved ones is important to you and it is to us too. We design treatment plans with you at the center, providing gentle and attentive care to cater for your specific requirements.

Coming to the dentist does not have to be difficult or scary. We have created an environment to make your experience with us feel as comfortable and as homely as possible. We provide you with the advice and attention that we offer to our own families.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, but your smile is worth a million more.

We want to help you keep it as bright as ever.

With modern technologies and the highest quality staff, we are also equipped to provide you with the ability to enhance your smile should you desire it.

Come and pay us a visit for a friendly conversation, see what TEETH @ Tiong Bahru has to offer you.

Our Staff


Dr. Sherina Daryanani BDS (LONDON), MJDF RCS (ENGLAND) Principal, Dental Surgeon.

Dr. Sherina completed her BDS degree in King’s College in London in 2005 and acquired her Membership to the Joint Dental Faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2007.  While in the UK she worked in the National Health Service (NHS) and private clinics, serving the patients in her practice with care and attention.

She also spent a year as a Senior House Officer across both Guy’s Hospital, and King’s College Hospital, gaining experience in paediatric (children’s) dentistry and oral surgery.

Dr. Sherina believes strongly that good oral health should be possible for everyone.

She has been able to help anxious adults and children to achieve their needs through patient and gentle care.

She provides a wide range of dental care, from regular oral health checks for the whole family to fillings, wisdom tooth surgeries, root canal treatments and implants and aesthetic dentistry.

She has continued to learn along the way, and is currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma of Dental Implantology at the prestigious National University of Singapore.

She relocated to Singapore with her husband in 2010 and is honored to call Singapore home to her family, which now includes twin girls.

She previously worked with a dental group here in Singapore and is now the founding dentist of TEETH @ Tiong Bahru.

Patient Care and Safety


We want all our patients to feel comfortable and safe when visiting our clinic.

For your peace of mind [email protected] Bahru maintains the highest standards when it comes to the environment we provide and the equipment we use for your care.

We want all our patients to feel comfortable and safe when visiting our clinic.

The experience begins in our newly furbished reception. Our staff are there to see to your comfort. At our clinic we strive to keep waiting times non-existent, but in healthcare emergencies can occur that require us to stretch the schedule.

Should you be required to wait, you will be kept informed of the expected delay and we hope you will relax with a beverage, while enjoying the calm surroundings designed for you.

Our Sterilization and Infection Control.

All our equipment which is used to carry out your treatment is sterilized after each use.  Any item that is not designed for sterilisation is used once only and disposed of after your visit.  We constantly review our infection control protocols to ensure you are receiving the best possible care in the safest possible environment.

For your peace of mind we have the following infection control procedures:

  • Autoclaved packaged instruments are opened in front of you at the beginning of your visit
  • We use disposable plastic sleeves and wraps on the dental chair, light handles and patient components of the x-ray machine
  • We individually package and autoclave all dental hand-pieces after every use
  • Any instrument placed intra-orally has been cleaned via ultrasonic and autoclaved, or is disposed of after one use
  • Cross-infection control is maintained by rigourous cleaning and gloving standards
  • Patient and staff safety is maintained by staff wearing gloves, gowns, masks and eye protection during treatment and patients wearing eye-protection too

Our Radiographic Equipment.

The radiation received from dental x-rays is very small, in fact you will usually receive more radiation from using everyday electrical equipment like TVs.

However, should you need x-rays, [email protected] Bahru wants to reduce it even further. We have invested in the latest digital dental radiographic equipment and software available. Digital radiography dramatically reduces the radiation per x-ray.

We follow the ALARA principle towards dental x-rays. ALARA means As Low As Reasonably Achievable.

This results in the following methods:

  • X-rays are only prescribed for a specific diagnostic purpose
  • Lead aprons and collars are utilised for every patient
  • Digital radiography is utilised to enable us to reduce the radiation amount and to ensure that all possible relevant information is identified in each x-ray
  • X-ray holders are used for intra-oral x-rays to correctly position the x-ray tube, and reduce the need for retakes.

Other advantages of our radiographic equipment and software:

  • Fast processing time means you can see the results within your visit
  • Earlier detection of dental diseases means we can act sooner and improve your treatment outcomes
  • No more processing chemicals which is better for the environment
  • More efficient storage of your x-rays on our computers which are backed-up daily
  • 3D radiographic imaging to facilitate implant planning, oral surgery and even root-canal treatment, with the convenience of having all this equipment in-house